St. George has been growing in recent years and it’s not just within the retirement community. More and more young families are moving in, changing the city’s demographic and creating new needs in response to that growth, the city has made it a priority to meet those needs, including making more family friendly activities available to the public. Here’s a list of our top five below to give you some ideas of what to do with your family during your St. George vacation.

  1. Fiesta Family Fun Center – The hub for all things entertaining, Fiesta Fun offers a variety of activities that the whole family can enjoy. From mini golf, bowling, and arcade games, to laser tag, go-karts, and water boats, you and your kids will have a blast. Grab some grub at the Barre Grill to satisfy any snacking moods as well.
  2. Pioneer Park – St. George is known for its convenient location to some of the best hiking in the state. Besides the national parks, there are some pretty fun hikes to do right in town as well. Pioneer Park is located at the top of Red Hills Parkway and offers some of the best views of the entire town. The sandstone hills are fun to romp around, including the famous Dixie Rock that overlooks the city. Crawl through the “Narrows” or discover an old home in the outcropping of a cave. This geographic wonderland never grows old and is the perfect place for kids to run around.
  3. Washington City  Community Center – The community recreation center is a gem in the city of Washington. With a large pool system, including playground and slide, the aquatic center offers a splash of fun for the kids on a hot Southern Utah day.
  4. Snow Canyon State Park – For those looking for unforgettable hiking experiences but shy away from the crowds of Zion, Snow Canyon State Park is an amazing alternative. Just outside the city limits, these beautiful red and white sandstone canyons offer stunning hikes and an alien landscape to roam through. A favorite among visitors are the red sand dunes in the middle of the park. Take the kids out for a sandy adventure in this lesser known, but just as incredible, state park.
  5. St. George Bike Trail System – One of the many unique features of St. George are the paved bike trails that range throughout the city. The network of trails lead to convenient places and offer different views of St. George not seen from the streets. Rent out a few bikes, grab a snack and water, then set out on the trails for family fun!

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