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High Quality Amenities

Have you ever stayed at a hotel or vacation rental and thought “if I use that Shampoo will I loose all of my hair?!” If so, you’re not alone!  Most hotels and vacation rentals use the lowest grade shampoo, conditioner and soap possible. There are fewer things more important than staying clean and hygienic, yet […]

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The importance of an insurance policy

As the Vacation Rental industry evolves, there are many options out there renters who don’t want to put down an astronomical deposit. This has lead to more and more management companies offering damage waiver insurance policies At Freedom Vacation Rentals we offer the option for either a deposit or an insurance policy, but how exactly […]

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Vacation Rentals VS. Hotel

When deciding if you’d rather stay in a vacation rental or hotel, there are many things to consider. While most people see them as similar, it is more like comparing apples and oranges. Here are a few things to consider. Is my group larger than 3 people? If you and your group are larger than […]

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The Importance Of A Well Stocked Home

When staying in a vacation rental in St. George, UT it is vital to consider how well stocked a rental home is.  At Freedom Vacation Rentals, we have the most well stocked homes in Southern Utah. Each room is well stocked, based on short term needs.  For example – Each kitchen has sufficient cutlery, plates, […]

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How to choose where to stay…

How to choose where to stay When determining which home you want to stay in, the near endless options of our Vacation Rentals in St. George, Utah can seem overwhelming.  Our goal at Freedom Vacation Rentals is to help guests choose the best option for their family and their needs. When narrowing down which home […]

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