10 Halloween Activities in St. George

With Halloween around the corner, there are lots of fun activities going on in the St. George area. Make the most of your stay at Freedom Vacation Rentals.

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Top 10 Indoor Family Activities in St. George

Whether you are wanting to escape the heat of the outdoors or are looking to explore St. George, these activities are the perfect choice for the whole family!

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Top 10 Outdoor Family Activities in St. George

Beautiful outdoor activities surround the St. George area. If you want a day to explore the beauty of St. George, this is the perfect list for you!

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Top Five Family-Friendly Hikes in Zion

Exploring Zion is a fun activity, but planning a trip there for a whole family can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve compiled a list of the top family-friendly hikes in Zion for you!

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Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Staying out of the heat can be a challenge during the hot summer months of southern Utah. Thankfully, the St. George area has a lot to offer so you can stay cool during your visit!

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July Festivities In St. George

The summer is in full swing and the upcoming months are exciting with lots of activities and things to do in and around St. George. Whether you are a local or coming into town to visit, there are plenty of events going on to keep the family entertained and engaged during your next stay with […]

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Upcoming Events In St. George

Freedom Vacations Rentals is sure to provide a stunning vacation rental home but as the weather in St. George gets warmer we want to remind you that there are many events for your family and friends to gather together and enjoy. Whether you are interested in an event that is inside or out in the […]

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Parade of Homes

The Parade Of Homes is an annual showcase of several gorgeous, high-end designer homes. The designs are focused on quality, style and even affordability. Witness the innovative ideas as you dream of your new or remodeled home. The Parade will be held from February 14-25 from 10 am to 7pm, and a general ticket is […]

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St George Golf

With amazing scenery and amazing weather, sunny St George should be one of your top golfing destinations this fall. Plan your next weekend and rent with Freedom Vacation Rentals while you check out some of the most beautiful and nicest golf courses in the Country!   Coral Canyon Golf Course This 7,029-yard, 72 par course […]

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Escape The Cold

The winter months in Utah can be exciting and marvelous. From world class ski resorts featuring “the greatest snow on Earth”, to the Sundance Film Festival. You can find people from all around the world getting a taste of what Utah has to offer when the cold front blows in. Although the winter can be […]

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