St. George Utah is undoubtedly the central hub of art in southern Utah. The city hosts many art festivals a year and holds a treasure trove of art museums and galleries to enjoy. However, the city itself goes a step farther to blend art into its streets, buildings, and parks. Join the folks at Freedom Vacation Rentals and explore the different hotspots and must-sees of St. George. These fantastic treasures are ever-changing and always catch the eye. Consider it an art tour of the city in a roundabout way.

Art At Roundabouts

Speaking of roundabouts, let’s start at the most famous and reliable locations for St. George sculpture features: the Main Street roundabouts. Our first round-about, located where Main St., 200 North, and Diagonal St. converge, is almost guaranteed to hold a unique statue piece for you to enjoy. Located on the Northside of Main St., this particular roundabout is literally right next to the St. George Opera House, St. George Art Museum, and the St. George Musical theatre. In this spot, should the art bug bite, you can take a stroll, catch a show, or visit the art gallery to get even more of that art fix.

Continuing down the street, we come to our second roundabout. Located where Main St. meets Tabernacle St., this roundabout serves as a veritable hub for much of the downtown street sculpture scene. The roundabout itself is almost guaranteed to house a unique piece to admire, and turning up any of the streets connected to it takes you to another historic St. George gem. Going North up Main St., you can find classic sculptures along the sidewalk on the right. Across the street, on the left, you can find several art galleries and must-visit shops and restaurants. Heading West on Tabernacle St. you can find the historic Judd’s Store on the right and Ancestor Square across the street on the left. Heading East on Tabernacle you find even more historic hotspots like The Electric Theatre, The Arrowhead Gallery, and of course all the sculpture pieces placed near the sidewalk along the way. Heading South on Main St. we find our next artistic hotspot: Town Square Park

Town Square Park Art

Town Square Park is a must-visit for any art fan visiting St. George. The park itself is webbed with convenient walkways that crisscross through different features and artistic displays for all to enjoy. The clock tower and splash pad are art installations in and of themselves. Then there is the lazy river feature and merry-go-round for both kids and adults to enjoy. Walk the park and enjoy the art installations scattered around and perhaps visit the library and/or children’s museum to finish off the day.

Honorable Mention Art

Finally, we have our honorable mention: Dolores Doré Eccles Fine Arts Center. As the central art display for Dixie State University, it’s no wonder we mention it here in our street art tour. It makes our honorable mention because of the brass sculpture displays found inside and outside the premises. Not exactly as accessible as our previous sites, it still offers a nice walking art installation that can end in a fun show that the theatre offers throughout the year.

There you have it, an unconventional art tour through the city of St. George’s lesser-known art installations. Although these sites aren’t advertised like other art hotspots in the city, they give the city its artistic look and feel. Take your time on these walks about town. Visit the shops and food spots and help support local businesses as you do. Then return to your comfortable rental to decompress and enjoy the feeling of a day well seized.  To learn about more fun activities in the area, read our other blogs, and if you have any questions about our rentals, feel free to contact us at Freedom Vacation Rentals!


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