Exploring Zion is a fun activity, but planning a trip there for a whole family can seem like a daunting task! Our staff at Freedom Vacation Rentals wants you to enjoy your trip here as much as possible, and not have to stress about planning, so we’ve compiled a list of the top family-friendly hikes in Zion for you! Whether your family is young, old, large, or small, these hikes are a great way to experience the beauty of Zion National Park for everyone involved.

1. Pa’rus Trail

Trail Length: 3.5 Miles

An easy, paved trail that runs along the Virgin River, this is the only hike in Zion that is dog-friendly. Play in the bubbling water, enjoy the wildflowers along the way and experience great views inside the park. With multiple stops along the way, this trail can be shorter if needed for your family. This is an easy, relaxing trail, making it a perfect warm-up or cool down for your trip to Zion.


2. Emerald Pools Trail

Trail Length: 1.2 Miles (round trip) to Lower Pools, 2 Miles (round trip) to Middle Pools, and 3 Miles (round trip) to Upper Pools

This three-in-one hike has the option to view one, two, or three glistening emerald pools. Start on the trail for the Lower Emerald Pool, which is a paved, stroller-friendly trail. View beautiful waterfalls and an emerald-colored pool after a short, easy walk. Follow the trail behind the falls and continue hiking up to reach the Middle Emerald Pool. This trail is steeper and longer than the lower pool trail, so it may not be suitable for all families. The final pool, The Upper Emerald Pool, is the hardest to get too, but worth the hike for adventurous families. This pool features a high waterfall cascading off of a cliff. All pools sparkle a glistening emerald green color, and the trails offer beautiful views of the park.


3. Weeping Rock Trail

Trail Length: 0.3 Miles

Short but steep, this trail is paved but may be too narrow for larger strollers. At the end of the trail is a large overhanging “weeping” rock that has dozens of small water streams trickling down it. Enjoy the cool streams of water, look at the unique moss and fern plant life, and enjoy the beautiful views of Zion this short hike offers.


4. Riverside Walk

Trail Length: 1.8 Miles

Stroller and wheelchair friendly, this paved path follows the Virgin River and is perfect for all skill levels. With shade along the way, plenty of wildlife, varied landscapes, and a spectacular waterfall at the end of the trail, this hike will not disappoint. Look out for deer, squirrels, turkeys, and birds while strolling along the river!


5. Canyon Overlook Trail

Trail Length: 1 Mile

This hike is an easy one-mile hike most kids and adults will find exciting. A favorite hike for many families, Canyon Overlook Trail is said to be one of the most breathtaking views of Zion Canyon. With only about 100 feet of elevation gain from bottom to top of the trail, you will be able to look down more than 2,200 feet into the Zion Canyon floor. Bring a pair of binoculars, as you may be able to spot a long horn sheep from across the canyon while you are looking out!

After a fun day of hiking and seeing the breathtaking views Zion National Park has to offer, make sure to check out some of the youth programs the park runs during the summer months. From the junior ranger program to an interactive nature center, there are activities the whole family will enjoy. Learn more about the programs offered and their times here.

Let us know if you and your family have tried any of these hikes, and what you thought about the beautiful views of Zion. Leave us a comment below, we always look forward to hearing from our guests!

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