How to choose where to stay

When determining which home you want to stay in, the near endless options of our Vacation Rentals in St. George, Utah can seem overwhelming.

Our goal at Freedom Vacation Rentals is to help guests choose the best option for their family and their needs. When narrowing down which home to rent, you should consider the following:

  1. Do I need a high chair?
  2. Do I need a Pack N’ Play?
  3. Will beds be shared, or do we need separate bed?
  4. Do I have a specific theme I want to stay in? (Hawaiian, beach, desert, etc.)
  5. Do we want access to video games, an arcade, etc.?
  6. Do I want a pool front home or would I prefer to be away from the amenities?

While some of these questions may not be applicable to you and your family, they can help you to easily narrow down which home best fits your needs. We know that at Freedom Vacation Rentals, we will have plenty of options to fit you and your families needs.

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