When deciding if you’d rather stay in a vacation rental or hotel, there are many things to consider. While most people see them as similar, it is more like comparing apples and oranges. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Is my group larger than 3 people? If you and your group are larger than 3 people, a vacation rental could be a much more economical option
  2. Do we want to cook? Often times, a hotel doesn’t have much more than a kitchenette at best. Each home at Freedom Vacation Rentals is bountifully stocked with great kitchen items.
  3. Will we be spending more than the night time in our home? Our smallest homes are 1300+ square feet, with our largest homes near 2100 square feet. In comparison, the average hotel room is just 325 square feet.
  4. Do we plan to spend time in the pool, or at other amenities? Typically, a vacation rental pool is larger than a hotel pool. Additionally, at Freedom Vacation Rentals we only have 49 homes. The average hotel has 115 rooms

If you have questions about how a vacation rental in St. George Utah can enhance your Southern Utah getaway, call us today!

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