It’s no secret Southern Utah is brimming with natural beauty and landscapes that bring a tear to the eye. It’s also no secret that its beauty has made its way onto countless canvases by the hands of countless artists. Sometimes it’s just as fun to see how artists interpret the beauty around us as it is to see it ourselves. Sometimes you need a relaxing activity that entertains as well as educates. Museums and art galleries offer exactly that. Here is a list of our top five favorite museums of St. George, UT, which make great day outings during your stay at Freedom Village.

1. St. George Art Museum

As one of the oldest museums in the city, it’s an obvious pick for our number one choice. St. George Art Museum displays a variety of both local artists’ work as well as famous national and international pieces at times. This is by far the most prestigious and professional museum in town. Located near the downtown area, it’s easy to come, visit and enjoy, and then head off to lunch or dinner with family and friends!

2. Sears Art Museum (DSU Campus) 

The Sears Art Museum is a notable part of the DSU campus and showcases both artworks from students as well as many noteworthy local and outside artists. Their schedule changes throughout the year, so pay close attention to their calendar to know when you’ll catch your favorite showcases. Since the exhibit is located in the same building as DSU’s theater stages, it’s likely you’ll be able to schedule a museum visit as well as catch one of the school’s shows!

3. Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum

Not in the mood for art? Want a closer look at the local wildlife since they managed to evade you during your hike? Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum holds Southern Utah’s largest collection of wildlife displays to educate and entertain you. They have a guided path for you to follow that travels through the different environments found in Utah, as well as some species that are extinct. It’s easy to see these animals are made of real hides but don’t worry, these animals won’t be going anywhere, they’re stuffed!

4. Arrowhead Gallery

Located in historic downtown St. George, this ambitious co-op gallery has a surprisingly large variety of mediums and a constantly changing lineup of works. This gallery is our most centrally located of the five, located in the heart of historic downtown, you can visit this and the several different shops, restaurants, and parks within walking distance!

5. St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

Here you can travel through time to Southern Utah’s ancient history. With a mix of art, sculpting, and authentic fossils and fossilized tracks, St. George’s Dinosaur Discovery Site strives to take you back in time. It’s fun for the whole family. They also offer a fun gift shop where you can purchase memorabilia so you’ll never forget the experience!

Bonus! St. George Children’s Museum

Do the kids still have a bit more energy than you’d like? St. George Children’s Museum has a collection of themed rooms to entertain all ages. From fantasy to deep-sea adventures, there’s something for everyone. Don’t be surprised if the grown-ups have fun too!

There you have it, our top five museums to visit in St. George. Granted, no matter what order we put these museums and galleries, it’s up to you now to visit each one and decide for yourself which one is your favorite. Most of these locations are not-for-profit, so once you’ve picked your favorite, or if you found yourself having a good time, please consider donating to help keep these locations so fun! And, of course, come back again as many times as you like. To learn about more fun activities in the area, read our other blogs, and if you have any questions about our rentals, feel free to contact us at Freedom Vacation Rentals!

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